Andrew English, Ph.D.

Hello! I'm an expert in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with over 20 years of experience in Organizational Development (OD) consulting. I hold a doctorate from Florida Institute of Technology and an M.S. in Clinical Psychology. My expertise spans various industries like tech, finance, entertainment, education, healthcare, and government.

Career Highlights

I've collaborated with high-profile clients such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, and Google. My work focuses on talent management, leadership development, and employee engagement. I've also managed projects involving 360-degree feedback and succession planning, helping organizations optimize their human capital.

In the Media

I'm a published author with over 25 publications and conference presentations under my belt. My topics range from adaptability and effective team performance to leadership development. My recent co-authored book, "Hire Better Teachers Now," was published by Harvard Education Press.

My Approach

In my coaching practice, I use various tools like 360-degree feedback results, personality inventories, and adaptive behavior assessments. These help my clients—from individual contributors to C-suite executives—gain valuable insights into their work behavior and personal well-being.

Global Reach

I've worked with both U.S. and international clients, offering a global perspective to organizational challenges. My client list includes names like Salesforce, PepsiCo, Warner Brothers, AMEX, and VISA.

Academic Background

I began my academic journey with an M.S. in Clinical Psychology before earning my doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. My educational background equips me to blend scientific rigor with practical applications in the workplace.

Speaking Engagements

I've been a speaker at various platforms, sharing my expertise on topics like adaptability, effective team performance, and leadership development. My speaking engagements have ranged from academic settings to industry conferences.

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